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Expert Schools Independent Investigations

Why Choose London Governance for Independent Investigations?

When it comes to independent investigations within schools, it is essential to select a provider with the expertise and experience to ensure a fair and unbiased process. At London Governance, our independent investigators possess the skills and knowledge to handle complex cases, ensuring a thorough and accurate investigation every time. We pride ourselves on our dedication to upholding the highest standards of governance in every service we provide. As a result, our clients return to us time and time again for their investigation needs.

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Our Independent Investigation Process

At London Governance, our independent investigation process is designed to provide a comprehensive and efficient service to schools and trusts. Our investigators follow strict guidelines and protocols to ensure the investigation is conducted with complete impartiality. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Assessment: Our independent investigator will meet with the school or trust's representative to discuss the case and gather relevant information and documentation. This initial assessment will enable the investigator to understand the scope of the investigation and outline a plan of action.

  2. Evidence Collection: Our investigators will gather evidence through interviews, document review, and other necessary methods. They will ensure all relevant information is obtained to provide a complete and accurate understanding of the situation.

  3. Analysis and Evaluation: The investigator will carefully analyse the evidence, evaluating its credibility and relevance to the case. This thorough examination will help determine whether the allegations have merit and what action may need to be taken.

  4. Report Preparation: Our investigator will compile their findings into a comprehensive and detailed report. The report will include the evidence collected, an analysis of the case, and recommendations for any necessary action. The report will be presented to the school or trust's board for review and decision making.


Benefits of Engaging an Independent Investigator for Schools

Conducting independent investigations within schools is vital to ensure a fair and impartial outcome. Engaging an outside party with expertise in governance and investigations offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Impartiality: An independent investigator is not influenced by the internal politics or relationships of a school, which can ensure unbiased results.

  • Experience: Our investigators have extensive experience in investigations and governance, allowing them to navigate complex cases effectively and efficiently.

  • Professionalism: At London Governance, our team of investigators maintain high standards of professionalism throughout the investigation process, ensuring all parties are treated with respect and dignity.

  • Accuracy: A thorough and well-conducted investigation will provide accurate results, enabling the board to make informed decisions regarding the situation.

  • Compliance: Our investigators are well-versed in the applicable laws and regulations surrounding governance in the education sector, ensuring your institution remains compliant throughout the investigation process.

Trust London Governance for Your School's Investigation Needs

At London Governance, our skilled and experienced investigators are able to provide schools and trusts with a high-quality independent investigation service. When engaging our services, you can be confident that you are entrusting your school's investigation needs to a provider that values integrity, professionalism, and impartiality. Contact us today to learn more about our investigation services and how we can support your institution in maintaining the highest standards of governance.

  • What is governors training?
    Governors training is a program designed to equip school governors with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities.
  • Why is governors training important?
    Governors training is crucial as it ensures that school governors are well-equipped to make informed decisions that benefit the school and its students.
  • What topics are covered in your governors training?
    Our governors training covers a wide range of topics including exclusion, complaint, grievance, investigations, and appeal panels.
  • Who should attend governors training?
    Governors training is ideal for both new and experienced school governors who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • How often should governors undergo training?
    It's recommended that governors undergo training at least once a year to stay updated with the latest practices and regulations.
  • Do you provide online governors training?
    Yes, we provide both in-person and online governors training to cater to your needs.
  • How long does the governors training last?
    The duration of our governors training varies depending on the specific program. Please contact us for more details.
  • What is the cost of your governors training?
    The cost of our governors training depends on the specific program. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Do you provide certificates upon completion of the governors training?
    Yes, we provide certificates upon successful completion of our governors training.
  • How can I register for your governors training?
    You can register for our governors training by contacting us through our website or via phone.
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