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Grievances and Complaints in Schools: Your Trusted Partner in School Governance

Our Grievances and Complaints Services: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency

In today’s educational landscape, it is essential for schools to have a robust process in place to manage grievances and complaints. Our services are designed to assist schools in navigating these often-sensitive matters, ensuring consistency, fairness, and transparency throughout.


Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the entire lifecycle of a grievance or complaint in your school, from initial receipt through to the conclusion and follow-up. With an in-depth understanding of the regulatory and legal requirements, we work with you to ensure that you are well-prepared to address concerns raised by parents, staff, and others involved in your school community.

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Giving Schools Peace of Mind: The Benefits of Working with London Governance

Choosing London Governance as your partner in managing grievances and complaints has several key benefits:


  • Expertise: Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the education sector and utilises that knowledge to ensure that your school is operating in accordance with best practice recommendations and regulatory guidance.

  • Comprehensive services: From initial receipt of a grievance or complaint through to the conclusion and follow-up, our team is able to guide you every step of the way. This gives you peace of mind that your school’s processes are efficient, fair, and transparent.

  • Collaborative approach: We work closely with your school at every stage of the process, providing the support and guidance needed to reach a fair resolution with minimal disruption to your school’s operations.

  • Flexible service offering: Our services can be tailored to the specific needs of your school, ensuring a bespoke and personalised approach that delivers genuine value.


Streamlined Communication and Accessible Support

Our team at London Governance is committed to providing accessible and reliable support when you need it most. With streamlined communication channels and a focus on delivering prompt assistance, we're here to ensure your school can confidently navigate the complexities of handling grievances and complaints within your community.

 Trust Our Expertise for a Fair Resolution

To learn more about how our services can help your school address grievances and complaints effectively, please reach out to our team at London Governance. We're here to provide guidance, support, and insight, enabling your school to foster a positive and nurturing environment for all.

  • What is governors training?
    Governors training is a program designed to equip school governors with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities.
  • Why is governors training important?
    Governors training is crucial as it ensures that school governors are well-equipped to make informed decisions that benefit the school and its students.
  • What topics are covered in your governors training?
    Our governors training covers a wide range of topics including exclusion, complaint, grievance, investigations, and appeal panels.
  • Who should attend governors training?
    Governors training is ideal for both new and experienced school governors who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • How often should governors undergo training?
    It's recommended that governors undergo training at least once a year to stay updated with the latest practices and regulations.
  • Do you provide online governors training?
    Yes, we provide both in-person and online governors training to cater to your needs.
  • How long does the governors training last?
    The duration of our governors training varies depending on the specific program. Please contact us for more details.
  • What is the cost of your governors training?
    The cost of our governors training depends on the specific program. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Do you provide certificates upon completion of the governors training?
    Yes, we provide certificates upon successful completion of our governors training.
  • How can I register for your governors training?
    You can register for our governors training by contacting us through our website or via phone.
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